Case Studies

Case Study 1: James the IT Professional

James is an IT Professional who works for a large international consultancy. James' job sees him spending 10-12 hours at work each day which, combined with his commute, often means he's out of his house 14+ hours a day! In addition James' work takes him abroad often further complicating his ability to stay on top of his personal life.

  1. Cloud Assistant helps James in the following ways:

    • Arranging personal travel for short breaks and family holidays
    • Pre-booking of cinema and theatre tickets
    • Researching competitive quotes for his car insurance renewal
    • Providing a reminder service for those upcoming family birthdays!

Case Study 2: Mick the Sole Trader

Mick is a Surrey based carpenter who runs his own carpentry business. Mick's workload varies significantly from month-to-month and it's important for him to try and keep his forward schedule as busy as possible thus maximize the time he spends at client sites. Since Mick is a sole trader he often works as a carpenter all day and then relies on his evenings and weekends to estimate work for clients, prepare quotes and invoices and perform other general administrative duties. In recent months Mick had found that producing estimates for work in a timely manner was becoming a challenge and had seen a noticeable loss of work since clients had often received alternative quotes by the time he'd managed to draft his. Furthermore, Mick's other administration tasks such as updating his accounting ledgers, ordering supplies and finding the best renewal deal for his mobile phone were all overdue.

  1. Cloud Assistant helps Mick in the following ways:

    • Creating a standard form for quotes and invoices that meant all Mick had to do was send through the relevant numbers and client details to his Cloud Assistant so the document could be completed and sent out more quickly
    •  Providing email quotes and invoices making the turnaround time much quicker
    •  Managing Mick’s diary by booking in any new work where quotes had been accepted
    •  Updating Mick’s accounting ledgers based on payments he had received in and expenses out
    •  Taking control of ordering supplies required and negotiating prices where bulk orders were being placed
    •  Researching Mick’s mobile phone requirements based on his usage to find the best renewal deal

Case Study 3: Patricia the Consultant

Patricia is a busy Consultant Anesthetist who works for both the NHS and private patients. Patricia is a typical Consultant, working long hours as part of her routine shifts and frequently on ‘call-out’ for emergency situations. Whilst her hospital administration team deals all of the administration and ‘paperwork’ for Patricia’s NHS duties, it is up to her to deal with any administration arising from her private duties. Furthermore, since private patients are often insured there is often a need to liaise with the insurance companies to obtain claim numbers and arrange direct payment of her invoices. Confidentiality and privacy were a key concern in Patricia asking for help with her administration.

  1. Cloud Assistant helps Patricia in the following ways:

    • Maintaining a database of Patricia’s private patients that allowed Cloud Assistant to invoice patients as required
    • Providing a contact number for queries relating to their invoices so that Patricia doesn’t have to respond to patients or insurance companies directly
    •  Providing a follow up service to ensure prompt payment of invoices
    •  Liaising with insurance companies where appropriate to receive direct payment
    •  Managing Patricia's diary of private appointments
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